Adding to the cast of strong supporting actresses who will eat Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games (we havenā€™t read the books), Lily Rabe has joinedĀ other recent additions Natalie Dormer and Julianne Moore in the franchiseā€™s Mockingjay two-parter. Rabe, who most recently lorded over the mossy bank in her second season of American Horror Story, will take charge of the even more treacherous territory of District 2 by playing Commander Lyme, a past Hunger Games victor who helps lead the rebellion. According to the novelā€™s character descriptions on the Internet, Commander Lyme is meant to be middle-aged, over 6-feet-tall, and muscularā€”but what, were they supposed to hire Zap from American Gladiators? Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. Perhaps you should finally accept that Zap just isn't right for everything.