Although Dylan McDermott’s pathos-maker recently found itself cast out of American Horror Story, cast back into the audition circuit in search of a possible CSI guest shot, Entertainment Weekly reports that the show will still have at least one frequently naked ass: Adam Levine is currently in final negotiations to join the show, playing one half of a couple known only as “The Lovers”—a sobriquet that suggests they will love things, possibly even each other. Will this love ultimately lead to heartbreak, grisly death, and possibly some sadomasochism in between, as is the usual m.o. of the show? Creator Ryan Murphy is, of course, remaining silent on specifics, but he apparently believes so strongly in Levine playing the role that he’s willing to shoot around both his Voice hosting duties and the upcoming summer Levine will spend touring the country with Maroon 5, serenading the nation’s HR managers with “Moves Like Jagger.” So either the character has some sort of uniquely "Adam Levine" quality, or a still-miffed Fox just really, really wants to watch him die.