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Illustration for article titled emAmerican Horror Story/em renewed for a third season of crazy and Jessica Lange

With its ratings and amount of awesomely crazy shit at an all-time high, American Horror Story has been confirmed to return for a third season, FX announced today. Also confirmed: Jessica Lange, whose participation—preferably as some icily evil character hiding a dark secret—is proving to be the constant of the anthology series. There's still the promise that "many" other regulars will return as well, though who has yet to be officially revealed, along with the specific nature of what sort of horrible and crazy things Lange et al. will be experiencing next year. Of course, Ryan Murphy has already tackled haunted houses and insane asylums—and with them ghosts, S&M freaks, mad Nazi scientists, possessed nuns, mutants, aliens, and serial killers—and seeing as he's already outlawed werewolves and vampires, he's certainly blowing through the horror tropes pretty fast. So enjoy the third season, when Jessica Lange probably plays the fortune teller in a traveling freak show that's being terrorized by a creepy doll, a chainsaw-wielding clown, and Cthulhu.


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