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Illustration for article titled emAmerican Horror Story/em finally puts some angels, demons, and Frances Conroy up in this mix

Missing among the roll call of supernatural, crazy, and evil things on this upcoming season of American Horror Story—a roster that already includes aliens, mutants, Nazis, well-dressed serial killers, mental patients, nymphomaniacs, sadistic nuns, and the guy from Maroon 5—were any demons or angels. "Hey Ryan Murphy, where's the demons and angels? What are you making here, Thirtysomething?" someone who remembers the relatively normal and sedate '80s TV show Thirtysomething was no doubt asking. And so Murphy has complied, announcing on Twitter that, not only will he put some demons and angels in AHS: Asylum's assemblage of otherworldly accessories, he's also bringing back Frances Conroy to play one of them. "Frannie plays the ultimate angel," Murphy tweeted of last year's Emmy-nominated, tormented and occasionally super-hot housekeeper, whose return reunites her with returning first-season cast members Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto et al., as well as her Six Feet Under co-star James Cromwell. Of course, as of press time, Murphy still had not added any gnomes, cannibal clowns, people who turn out to be giant spiders wearing stolen human skin, or yetis, so we don't know, this season sounds kind of boring.


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