Determined to bring a sense of realism to his Freak Show, Ryan Murphy has followed up the recent casting of the world’s smallest woman in the next season of American Horror Story by adding Matt Bomer, a man whose face has been hideously disfigured by handsomeness. To those whose iron fortitude allows them to gaze without nausea upon his perfectly symmetrical features, Bomer has been seen on White Collar, the USA drama about a man whose dangerous comeliness puts him under the close watch of government handlers. He’s also been seen in Magic Mike, as a creature from some oily lagoon from whom shirts flee in terror, and in an Emmy-nominated turn in Murphy’s AIDS drama The Normal Heart, playing a reporter afflicted with the cruel disease of being really good-looking. Now those twisted qualities will be put to use in American Horror Story as a character Murphy describes only as “very…warped,” much like a face by physical attractiveness. Consider this fair warning to those who enter to look upon this anatomical oddity, the Handsome Man.