The human cast of Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot is continuing to fill out, as just a few weeks after Ian McShane joined the cast as the red guy’s adoptive father Professor Brutenholm, The Hollywood Reporter says that American Honey star Sasha Lane has joined the cast as well. Lane will reportedly be playing Alice Monaghan, a woman who—in Mike Mignola’s comics—was rescued by Hellboy after being captured by fairies and retained some supernatural powers from her time with them. The fact that she’s going to be in this movie suggests that Marshall is digging relatively deep into the Hellboy canon, possibly to avoid using too many of the same characters as Guillermo Del Toro did in his Hellboy movies.

David Harbour from Stranger Things is set to play Hellboy himself, with Milla Jovovich playing a villain who is apparently called The Blood Queen—which is the sort of name that only a villain could really get away with anyway.