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American Girl releases its first American boy

(Image: American Girl/Mattel)

For 30 years now, the American Girl company has been letting young girls fantasize about what it would be like to live in an exciting world without suffrage or vaccinations through its “Historical Characters” line of 18-inch-high dolls. In 1995, the company innovated by adding modern-day characters to its collection; now it’s changing things up again, announcing its first American Girl doll that’s actually a boy.

(Image: American Girl/Mattel)

Meet Logan Everett, a hip young musician who comes with his own drum kit and the same unnervingly round face and dead-looking eyes that identify him as a textbook American Girl, regardless of the fictitious anatomical features his vinyl body doesn’t actually possess. Logan is apparently bandmates with another doll being released this Thursday, “rising Nashville star” Tenney Grant, allowing kids to recreate their favorite scenes from The Grand Ol’ Opry for themselves. (Provided their parents have the $230 to shell out for two of the company’s high-cost figures, in any case.)

Logan is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to introduce more characters and diversity into its line. According to CBS News, the company also plans to release Korean-American character Z Yang, and a Hawaiian doll, Nanea, later this week.

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