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Image: American Dad! (TBS)

Family Guy may be the most famous member of the Seth MacFarlane Cartoon Family, but it’s certainly not the only member. After a long run on Fox and then a transition over to the (presumably) less strict ratings expectations of TBS, American Dad! has continued to be one of the best animated comedies on television—it’s just a shame that nobody seems to be aware that it exists. Now, as announced in a press release, American Dad! has been picked up for two more seasons on TBS that fans of adult-oriented cartoons will continue to ignore in favor of mainstream stuff like Bob’s Burgers and… Bless The Harts apparently, with these two seasons bringing American Dad!’s total episode count past 300.

In a statement, series co-creator Matt Weitzman noted that this is proof that “whatever American Dad! lacks in quality, we make up for in quantity,” with co-showrunner Brian Boyle adding, “So turnt up to be picked up for two year! Making the show for TBS has been a dream because they are easily satisfied with the best!” Those are funny quotes! It’s a funny show! What do you people want?


Do you not like extremely self-aware meta-sitcoms that take overplayed tropes and explore them in fun and new ways with the sort of character-based humor that Family Guy would never attempt? Do you not like extended musical sequences that sneak in clever jokes like the secret girl in boy band Boyz 12? Is it the talking fish? Well, nobody likes him! There’s an episode where Stan goes to his personal Heaven and it’s exactly the same except the fish is dead! Anyway, the press release doesn’t say when these new seasons will premiere, but if they’re anything like the show’s other TBS seasons, they’ll just appear one day with no fanfare and then end a few months later with no notice.

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