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American Crime Story's Impeachment season casts Betty Gilpin as Ann Coulter

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Everybody’s talking about impeachments these days for some reason (we only follow pop culture news, not regular news), which means it’s the perfect time for FX to start ramping up the promotional machine for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Impeachment season of the American Crime Story anthology series. Unlike this current impeachment trial, which we don’t know anything about (but apparently involves some kind of orange buffoon), FX’s Impeachment is about former President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal and will feature Clive Owen as Clinton, Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinski, Annaleigh Ashford as Paul Jones, and Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge.


Today, Deadline is reporting that Betty Gilpin from GLOW will be appearing as right-wing media personality Ann Coulter. We don’t know how big her role in Impeachment: American Crime Story will be, but given the subject matter, we know fictionalized Ann Coulter will have some stuff to say. Despite centering on a presidential impeachment, Owen’s Clinton won’t be the main character here. Instead, the focus will be given to Lewinsky, as the real Lewinsky’s involvement (she’s a producer) is one of the things that convinced Murphy that this story was worth telling. Back when when this project was taken off the shelf a few years ago, Murphy suggested to Lewinsky that he would only do it if she was a producer, saying “you should make all the goddamn money.”

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