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American Crime producers reveal next season’s crime

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American Crime leads all of network television with 10 Emmy nominations this year, providing an opportune moment for the show’s producers to give us the lowdown on the show’s second season. Like American Horror Story before it, Crime’s second season will tell a different story with the same cast, and stars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King, Lili Taylor, Elvis Nolasco, and Richard Cabral will all be returning in new roles.

Season two’s central crime will involve sexual identity and the class divisions between one town’s public and private high schools; Hutton will play the private school’s basketball coach, and Huffman will play the headmistress. Even the actors don’t seem to know any more than that, but the cast seems excited. According to Huffman, creator John Ridley “said it’s going to be very different than [her season 1 character] Barb Hanlon… I love Barb, I don’t want to spend another four to five months with her.”

Richard Cabral, who played the villain in season one, says the second season “is preparing for the audience to see Richard Cabral as an actor that they’ve never seen,” says Richard Cabral, talking about actor Richard Cabral. “People are not going to recognize me. Definitely not a bad guy.”


American Crime will return to ABC in midseason next year, with hopes that the show’s critical acclaim will improve on the first season’s middling ratings.

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