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"5 Dollar Bill Murray" by Ginozko (Screenshot: YouTube)

As much as his fans may want it to happen, it’s not likely that the likeness of Rushmore star Bill Murray will be added to Mount Rushmore any time soon. But it is possible to have Murray’s cherubic mug on a piece of genuine U.S. currency. All it takes is a $5 bill, a couple of charcoal pencils, and the determination to make it so. Los Angeles artist Matt “Ginozko” Anderson proves this in a lovely and inspiring time-lapse drawing video called (what else?) “5 Dollar Bill Murray.” Set to the catchy, throbbing strains of “Gold” by California’s FMLYBND, the video shows Anderson carefully sketching in Murray’s famous features over the likeness of the Great Emancipator. Lincoln’s own eyebrows are whited out, and higher, bushier ones are sketched in. Shading is added to the eyes, nose, and cheeks, while the hair is made suitably scruffy. By the two-minute mark, Lincoln is Murray and vice versa. The artist leaves Lincoln’s mouth alone, but by the end, a sly smirk is almost perceptible.

Anderson has also captured this project on his Instagram account.


Incidentally, while Murray played a wide range of real-life people on Saturday Night Live, including Bobby Kennedy and Ralph Lauren, Lincoln was not among them. The actor did play an American president in a movie once, but it was FDR in 2012’s Hyde Park On Hudson. Still, Anderson’s art project shows that the comedian does bear at least a passing resemblance to the 16th president. After all, Murray did grow up in the state that prides itself as being “The Land Of Lincoln.”

[via Laughing Squid]

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