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Earlier this week, we reported that the producers of NBC’s America’s Got Talent were getting sued by a couple of contestants, largely over new host Tyra Banks’ treatment of their underage daughter. (Banks apparently mocked a song the girls’ parents wrote about her to her face, and implied that her conception was an accident.) “Jane and John Doe”’s major request was that their whole segment be scrapped, claiming that their daughter was “traumatized” over the thought of the song being broadcast on national TV. At the time, Marathon Productions agreed to cut out footage of the daughter, but insisted on still airing the song (and, presumably, the subsequent mockery).

They’ve now relented on that stance, though, with Variety reporting that the whole sequence will now be cut. Variety also notes that Marathon’s parent company, FremantleMedia, is claiming that the lawsuit has been settled. Meanwhile, America’s Got Talent—most of it, anyway—returns to TVs on May 30.


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