Echoing the dispassionate sighs of our own, now-retired recappers, far fewer Americans than usual tuned in for last night’s premiere of Jersey Shore—a 14-percent drop in viewers from the last season’s debut, in fact, making for the first time the show has seen a decline upon returning. Of course, even with that drop-off, plenty of folks still watched it: The series pulled in 7.6 million people who were interested in catching up with the cast, even though it was just yesterday that they whiled away the summer months watching Snooki bleat the word “Jionni” across the piazzas of Florence. But given that the finale of Jersey Shore’s Italian jaunt similarly saw its first-ever downhill slide, there seems to be growing evidence that the show may have peaked, and that audiences might finally be losing interest in watching the same egoists having the same three or four arguments, played out with only slight variations in volume and breaking shit. Indeed, it seems America may be demanding all-new egoists, with all-new arguments that will lead them to break all-new shit, and hey, maybe not three times a year from now on.