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America Ferrera to punch the clock on NBC’s big-box sitcom

Let’s get real for a minute here, guys. The economy! Even if we don’t know how it works, we all know it’s taken a downturn in the past half-decade or so. And although TV’s primary function is still to instill unrealistic expectations regarding the affordability of Manhattan real estate into our nation’s youth, occasionally it must adjust its perspective to reflect the changing times.

Take America Ferrera, for example. From her beginnings as a factory laborer, she climbed the ranks to work at a fashion magazine, and, eventually, achieve the American dream of becoming a dragon trainer. But the Great Recession has hit the dragon-training industry hard, apparently, forcing Ferrera to take a job at NBC’s big-box retailer sitcom Superstore.


Offering all of the “will they or won’t they?” tension of The Office with none of the health benefits, Superstore will star Ferrera as Amy, a floor supervisor at the fictional big-box superstore Cloud 9. Amy is at first unimpressed with apathetic new hire Jonah (A To Z’s Ben Feldman), but as the two get to know each other their relationship turns romantic, an inevitability considering the universally flattering effects of polo shirts and khakis under flickering fluorescent lights. Superstore is being directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and executive produced by Enlisted’s David Bernad and The Office’s Justin Spitzer.

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