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Photo: Aidan Monaghan (AMC)

Ending its run as television’s most successful prepositionally named TV series since Under The Dome took on In The Heat Of The Night, AMC announced today that the current season of its post-apocalyptic martial arts epic Into The Badlands will be its last. The show—which stars Daniel Wu as a Badlands badass dragged into conflicts between rival warlords in medieval future Oklahoma—is currently in the middle of its bifurcated third season, a.k.a. long enough to have built up a healthy head of nigh-incomprehensible proper noun vocab words for the rest of us to puzzle out, stuff like “Azra,” “the Totemists,” and, of course, the infamous “Meridian Chamber.”


The series will come back for its final eight episodes on Sunday, March 24 (catching that sweet—but not as sweet as it used to beWalking Dead intro bump), before hopping back over to its usual Monday night time slot. For what it’s worth, Badlands definitely has its merits—gorgeous cinematography, great fight scenes, Nick Frost—and we’re happy the producers had at least a bit of time to get their house in order so that they could bring their story to some semblance of a close.

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