Weary of a harsh and unforgiving world full of terrifying threats like ISIS, ebola, and the competitive arm-wrestling circuit, AMC has decided to turn its back on reality and retreat to a place where problems can be solved simply by picking up the phone and calling Bob Odenkirk. It’s doing so by canceling nearly all of its unscripted programming, which sounds like a big deal but in practice means Small Town Security and a couple of shows we don’t cover won’t be on anymore.

Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men and Talking Dead have been spared, but one of those shows is about guys who work at a comic book store and the other features comedians talking about zombies, neither of which have a whole lot to do with the real world. That does mean that two new projects Smith was developing with the network are dead, along with one from Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. But they’re both busy guys, and will be just fine—it’s the 10 employees of AMC’s unscripted programming division who are about to get a reality (unemployment) check.