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AMC to try its hand at doing comedy

Having recently moved beyond dramas into reality series and even live talk shows, AMC is now planning to inject the same sense of prestige into half-hour comedy with How To Cheat On Your Wife, which will make you laugh, but in a far more sophisticated way that will allow you to look down on people who watch other networks. The show hails from Rob Roy Thomas—lo, the ruddiest sitcom writer in all the Scottish Highlands—who has devised a script that concerns four “nice guys in flyover country” who reunite after the funeral of another friend. They then begin calling on each other as they deal with middle age, a misery that can only be alleviated by finding new vaginas. (Between this and HBO’s recent acquisition of 40, it’s become increasingly obvious that Men Of A Certain Age died just to see everyone else rip it off, like the Sex Pistols of middle-aged man comedies.) Although AMC sort-of dabbled in comedy with the Cheri Oteri-starring “mini-com” Life Coach last year, this is the network’s first full-fledged foray into the genre—and given its insistence on referring to “reality shows” as “docu-stories” to set them apart, no doubt soon you’ll be instructed to call How To Cheat On Your Wife a “life-farce” or “humorization.”


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