You won’t be able to use it to spite Kim Jong-un, but those who prefer the inside of a movie theater to the inside—or outside—of pretty much anywhere else will now have the option of spending every day in a movie theater for a flat monthly rate. This new subscription service is being offered by AMC theaters, and will allow members to see up to one movie every day using a membership card linked to a smartphone app. It’s like Netflix, but you can only watch one movie a day and you have to leave the house.

Seeing a movie every day will cost you either $35 or $45, depending on whether you want to see all those movies in 3-D and IMAX or not. Of course, you don‘t have to see a movie every day with the pass—in fact, the subscription model depends on a majority of subscribers under-utilizing the service—but a certain segment of the population, the same segment that views the words “open bar” as a challenge, is going to do just that. AMC’s MoviePass, so called because it just bought a company called MoviePass that has been doing this same thing for the past three years, debuts in Denver and Boston in January.