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AMC to keep the nihilism train rolling with another season of Hell On Wheels

Confirming there are still plenty of violent and depressing things to be mined out there in the olllllll' West, AMC has renewed Hell On Wheels for a third season of 10 episodes—this despite the noticeable drop in ratings during its second year. However, as Deadline points out, at least some of that can probably be attributed to the Western no longer having The Walking Dead as a lead-in and the loss from AMC's dispute with Dish, making its average of 2.4 million viewers "solid" enough to keep around. That ensures at least one more season of Anson Mount and Co. out there on the American Frontier, prospecting for bleak metaphors for manifest destiny and randomly slaughtering each other like buffalo—however, they won't be doing it with Hell On Wheels creators Joe and Tony Gayton who, like a lot of the show's characters (and former viewers), have already bowed out.


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