(Image courtesy of AMC)

On the day after Halloween, you can feast on a supersized episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Coming Soon reports that the network will air a 90-minute episode for its made-up/promotional holiday, The Walking Dead Mega Sunday, on November 1. The extended episode, “Here’s Not Here,” was written by showrunner Scott M. Gimple and will see the survivors doubting each other. Throw in the walkers, Rick’s snarling, and Carol’s knives, and it sounds like a pretty standard episode.

But wait, there’s more—AMC will also air the world premiere of the trailer for Preacher, the network’s other comic-book show. Audiences will get their first look at Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, the titular preacher who’s literally spreading the word of God, and all of these other actors and characters. And for the hat trick, the network will also run the television premiere of the trailer for Into The Badlands, that post-apocalyptic, martial-arts drama set in the American South. There’s currently no word on whether the extended episode will eat into The Talking Dead’s time, although host Chris Hardwick could probably use the extra time for additional effusing.