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Last week, both Tenet and Mulan were delayed again, because everyone in the world is operating under the assumption that the coronavirus will just disappear at some point—either at the end of July or the end of August, but definitely one or the other and not any later date. Now, AMC Theatres has announced that it’s also delaying its reopening plans, which makes sense since, you know, the two big movies that are supposed to save the theater industry still won’t be out yet. This comes from Collider, which says AMC locations will now be opening on July 30 instead of July 15, giving the theaters nearly a full month before crowds start rushing in to sit next to each other, put their mouths right up on soda fountains, and watch the new Christopher Nolan movie—a thing that’s absolutely going to happen on August 12, the day the coronavirus disappears. Unless that doesn’t happen until August 21 when Mulan comes out, of course.


When AMC’s theaters do reopen, they will require patrons to wear masks (after a very brief window when they thought that was a “political” issue not worth weighing in on), and they will not be screening any Universal movies. AMC has had a pretty damn wild pandemic, huh? If only we could all be so productive.

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