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AMC’s The Walking Dead spinoff gets an obvious title

Variety has just revealed the title for AMC’s The Walking Dead spinoff series—not that the title matters, because as long as the show is related to The Walking Dead it’s going to be successful. Anyway, the spinoff will be called Fear The Walking Dead, a pertinent but ultimately unnecessary warning, as anyone who’s ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead knows to stay the hell away from the things, because they bite. Also, they probably smell bad.

Rejected titles for the spinoff series that we just made up include Holy Crap Zombies, Watch Out Those People Over There Are Dead And Will Kill You, These Zombies Are Eating Me And I Want To Help You Avoid The Same Fate So Please Stay Away, and, simply, Dead Walking Over Here. In other news, somewhere in Los Angeles Chris Hardwick just looked up from his Twitter feed and murmured to himself, “Hear The Talking Dead,” with a mixture of excitement and awe.


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