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AMC’s Preacher shows off its Arseface


Anticipation is building for AMC’s Preacher, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin’s upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis’ profane modern Western, about a faith-endangered holy man who ends up the unwilling recipient of the all-powerful word of God. Ennis’ comic is full of grotesque characters—the guy who pleasures himself on a giant mannequin made of meat comes immediately, and unfortunately, to mind—but one of the setting’s most visually unsettling people is also one of its most genial and kind: failed suicide victim Arseface.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a real Preacher series without the generally cheerful Kurt Cobain fan spreading heart-warming-but-revolting semi-smiles to the people of small town Texas, which is presumably why actor Ian Colletti was cast in the part last year. We got a glimpse of Colletti in costume and make-up back in August, but it looked a little blurry and incomplete, not capturing the true Arseface glory. Realizing that it’s got less than two months before the show’s May 22 release date, AMC has now corrected that issue, taking advantage of the series’ panel at last night’s WonderCon to put out a glossy picture of a character whose name, we remind you, is Arseface, so you should probably consider yourself warned:


And for those purists worried the Arseface effect is some artifact of post-production wizardry, and not the result of a nice young man having a simulated anus glued to his face, Seth Rogen would like to reassure you. “We could never afford that in CGI,” the executive producer crowed at the panel, angling for a World’s Best Boss award from Colletti. “It’s a prosthetic rig. That poor little fucker has to wear that shit on his face. He has a positive attitude about it, but I know it fucking sucks.” Presumably, Arseface wouldn’t have it any other way.

[via Variety]


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