As reported by Deadline, AMC has picked up Turn: Washington’s Spies for a third season. The show stars Jamie Bell as Abe Woodhull, a cabbage farmer who becomes a part of a Revolutionary War-era spy ring that is trying to help an old, wooden-toothed general named George Washington defeat an occupying army of tea-drinking Englishmen. The show’s ratings have never really set the world on fire, but as one of AMC’s few remaining shows that isn’t The Walking Dead, the network is probably hoping it’ll catch on and be the new Mad Men. It has to be either Turn or Halt And Catch Fire, and the latter has to spend a lot of AMC’s money keeping Lee Pace’s eyebrows in peak condition, so this seems like it’s Turn’s fight to lose. Or maybe Turn will just be the new Hell On Wheels, a show that just keeps chugging along—like a train—without ever really exciting or upsetting anybody. In that scenario, maybe Halt And Catch Fire will be the new Rubicon, a show that nobody appreciated until it was long gone. Either way, Turn just got a third season.