Better Call Saul

Making it more and more likely that the show will eventually overlap with the beginning of Breaking Bad, AMC has picked up Better Call Saul for a third season. This renewal comes five episodes into the show’s second season, and this Deadline report says the show has been pulling in reliably solid ratings—with the second season premiere even doing better than the first season’s debut. The show, which stars Bob Odenkirk as Slippin’ Jimmy McGill (the future Saul Goodman) is set six years before Walter White first put on his pork pie hat and became Albuquerque’s evilest chemistry teacher, so there’s still plenty of time for Better Call Saul to wrap up its storylines and get rid of any characters who weren’t around in the Breaking Bad years. Of course, if Better Call Saul does start to overlap with the other show, it could just start presenting things from Saul’s perspective and constantly wink at the audience with specific Breaking Bad references. That might be fun.