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AMC really is going to keep dragging out The Killing

As promised in those earlier whispers that were then immediately forgotten about once they no longer served any purpose to the story, it seems as though AMC and Netflix really are bringing The Killing back for a third season. The much-maligned thriller series appeared to be done after its second season—which followed the first-season finale when most people simply decided it was done—but, in one of its signature last-minute twists that don't actually mean much to most people, it seems as though AMC is close to finalizing a deal that will put The Killing back on the network by sharing its costs with Netflix. It's an arrangement that recalls the way Friday Night Lights was rescued with the help of DirecTV, except that Friday Night Lights was a good show and deserved it. Anyway, the deciding factor that convinced AMC to give it another shot was reportedly "a strong third-season pitch" from showrunner Veena Sud, which we can only assume involved every character's sweater catching on fire in the first scene, then spending the season doing an altogether-different sort of slow burn.


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