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AMC plays corporate matchmaker for IFC and Funny Or Die

Between Two Ferns

Sometimes, two people just need a little push to realize they’re meant for each other, and sometimes those people are actually a TV network and a website. We’re specifically talking about IFC and Funny Or Die, which are being brought together under one roof thanks to the Cupid-like machinations of IFC’s parent company, AMC Networks. According to a press release, AMC has now purchased a minority ownership stake in Funny Or Die, which will “allow two strong, leading comedy brands to expand their collaboration and create smart, culturally relevant comedy across television, digital, and social platforms.” The goal is to have IFC expand into Funny Or Die’s online presence while also introducing Funny Or Die-branded programming blocks on IFC.

IFC president Jennifer Caserta noted that this also brings her closer to her “ultimate goal,” which is to appear on a Between Two Ferns video, and Funny Or Die CEO Mike Farah added that Caserta has been sending him “really nice shirts” since this deal started getting worked out. Meanwhile, Funny Or Die founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay made the same joke we made above, explaining, “We met on Tinder, things moved fast, and now we’re getting married.”


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