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The best thing to add to a fizzling show battling series-low ratings, an announcement of future in-universe films that was met with a lukewarm response, and a spin-off that has yet to see the popularity of its predecessor is, quite obviously, yet another series. At least, that appears to be AMC Networks’ logic as they announced plans to add a third Walking Dead series. In an effort to expand the universe, the untitled series will join The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead sometime in 2020.

“This allows us to come to the marketplace with completely uninterrupted ‘Walking Dead’ universe content from post-Super Bowl Sunday to Thanksgiving,” says AMC Networks’ president of ad sales, Scott Collins.


Despite being a part of what appears to be an intentional, never-ending torrent of zombie media, the new series does have one intriguing pull: It will be built around two female protagonists, which falls in line with an audience that has largely responded very positively to the women of the franchise. The 10-episode series will be co-created by Scott Gimple and veteran and producer Matt Negrete. Production begins sometime this summer.

[Via Variety]

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