In other AMC news, the network has moved forward on its plans to branch out into “docu-stories”—which lesser cable channels call “reality shows”—with the pickup of two new series, JJK Security and Secret Stash. The latter is the previously announced “Pawn Stars for fanboys” project from Kevin Smith, whose New Jersey comic-book store will play host to all the inherent dramatic yet pointless arguments and customer tantrums over not being properly showered with riches for their copy of Death Of Superman. Meanwhile, JJK Security takes a similar approach to controlled workplace nuttiness, documenting the lives of the “slightly off-kilter” employees of a family-owned security firm in rural Georgia, all of whom are presumably experts at keeping people out but oh, if only they could learn to let people in. While you likely won’t see JJK until next fall, Stash is expected to launch around the same time as the just-announced back half of The Walking Dead, hopefully appealing to that show's fans of both comic books and watching deathly pale people wander around in a daze.