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AMC passes on historical comedy We Hate Paul Revere

Perhaps recognizing that a comedy set during the Revolutionary War wasn’t going to fill the hole that Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and, uhh, Hell On Wheels left in AMC’s heart, the network has decided not to move forward with We Hate Paul RevereEthan Sandler and Adrian Wenner’s show about two guys who hate that guy who did that famous thing on the horse. The pilot would’ve starred Ron Livingston as Revere, Scott Adsit as Sam Adams, and Sandler and Wenner as the two guys who hate Revere. Variety does suggest that this move comes in response to AMC realizing that the exact moment it loses most of its prestigious dramas isn’t the best time to try its hand at a satirical comedy, but, other than the fact that we already made a joke about that, we think it has more to do with AMC not casting Jack Black as Revere. They look mildly similar and both love to yell about stuff!


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