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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled AMC orders two more shows about awful men and apocalypses

AMC has renewed its commitment to TV shows about men resorting to nefarious means of self-aggrandizement and survivors wandering through post-apocalyptic worlds, picking up two pilots that play to both sides of its interests in awful things. The first is Knifeman, the 18th-century-set tale of a charming yet arrogant young doctor—based on the real-life John Hunter—who helped to pioneer new methods in surgery by practicing on the corpses he stole, #ThanksObama. (You may recall that Knifeman was originally, fittingly attached to body horror-fetishist David Cronenberg, though that’s no longer the case.) The other is a Ridley Scott-produced thriller called Galyntine, based not on the pre-Valentine’s Day celebration you throw for your female friends, but rather on the equally romantic notion of a world left without any technology, after a technology-induced disaster nearly destroys it. “These are both highly original and ambitious pilots that take us into worlds that we haven’t seen on TV before,” said AMC executive vice president Joel Stillerman, who apparently hasn’t seen Revolution yet.


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