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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled AMC orders two more historical dramas, about the wars for Americas freedom and better computers

Having already added to its roster of bleak murder-mysteries and Robert Kirkman-based comic-book adaptations, AMC is now looking to shore up its slate of period dramas with two new pilot orders for series with settings in the past and imperative sentences for titles: Turn and Halt & Catch Fire. The first is a Revolutionary War-era thriller based on the book Washington's Spies, and concerning the secret machinations of The Culper Spy Ring. The second is, sadly, not a mismatched buddy-cop thriller about a crossing guard teamed with a guy who's constantly on fire, but rather an exploration of the 1980s technology boom through a fictional "visionary" working out of the so-called "Silicon Prairie" of the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. (Having grown up there at the time, I can attest that there was many a night we spent on the unforgiving prairie, listenin' a-feared for the telltale approach of another ruthless software engineer.  Every morning, we'd dig fruitlessly for potable water with the edges of our floppy disks, etc.) Anyway, the latter show is executive produced by Breaking Bad's Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, just as another reminder that that show is about to end.


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