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AMC orders second seasons for The Talking Dead and Comic Book Men

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AMC's experiments with adding its usual AMC prestige to the talk show and reality formats seem to have paid off handsomely, so long as those formats are tied into their established hits: The network has just issued second-season renewals to both The Walking Dead post-post-mortem The Talking Dead and the Kevin Smith-produced Comic Book Men, two shows that have benefited greatly from their similar appeal to the Walking Dead's audience and, in The Talking Dead's case, basically just showing them The Walking Dead again without all the moping. In announcing another 16-episode round for both, AMC also issued a statement from Kevin Smith in which he talked about his "fat ass" and made a hockey allusion, and one from Talking host Chris Hardwick, in which he joked about spoilers and said it was "amazing" and "great" but not "awesome," so we can't really be sure it was Chris Hardwick. Anyway, their success may bode well for the Mad Men-sorta-related reality series The Pitch, as well as our proposed post-Breaking Bad talk show, Just Jesse, in which Aaron Paul meets with a wide variety of weekly guests and calls them "bitch."


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