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AMC orders episodic anthology series from Black Mirror and Stranger Things writer

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AMC already has a season-long anthology series in the form of The Terror, but now it’s getting the other kind of anthology show from writer Will Bridges (a veteran of Black Mirror and Stranger Things). According to a press release, the untitled six-episode series is set 15 years from now in a world where scientists have developed a way to definitively find your soul mate, and it “uses the sci-fi conceit” to tell different “provocative stories about the cost of finding true love.” Each episode will have a totally different cast and story (beyond the thing about true love), with the press release saying they’ll all be “different in tone and featuring a spectrum of people and relationships.” The series is also based on a short film that Bridges made with executive producer Brett Goldstein called For Life, which will naturally from the basis of the show.


AMC didn’t share much other information, but we can guess there will be an episode about people who are in a relationship with someone who isn’t there soulmate, an episode about someone who is already friends with their soulmate, and then a handful of conflict-free episodes about people who already married their soulmate. The series is set to premiere in 2020.

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