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AMC officially welcomes Low Winter Sun to its bleak drama family

Illustration for article titled AMC officially welcomes emLow Winter Sun /emto its bleak drama family

Although the last-minute reprieve granted to The Killing seemed to have filled a network need for slow-burning crime dramas imported from overseas, AMC has nevertheless gone ahead with a series order for Low Winter Sun, its recently commissioned adaptation of the British miniseries of the same name. As previously reported, Low Winter Sun—which stars British actors Mark Strong (reprising his role from the miniseries) and Lennie Jamesconcerns the murder of a Detroit non-Robo-cop by a fellow detective, setting off an ever-spiraling sequence of events that will drag him deeper into the criminal underworld, as is the style at AMC. All of these events are rendered meaningless, however, once it becomes clear that the winter sun is just getting lower and lower, setting off a worldwide panic and cries of "Look out! The sun!" before it finally touches down and incinerates the entire Earth. Or that's what we'll be expecting, anyway.


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