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AMC might be developing a very bizarre streaming service

The Walking Dead

If there’s one thing that people who pay for cable can all agree on, it’s that cable is way too cheap and could use a lot of superfluous costs layered on top of whatever they’re already paying. Finally, AMC might have a solution for these people in the form of a new streaming service that not only requires a cable subscription, but also costs extra on top of that. In return, users would get access to a special AMC app that would allow them to stream shows like The Walking Dead without commercials. In other words, this could be the dumbest idea the network has had since it canceled Rubicon back in 2010.

News of this awful idea comes from Reuters, which says that the service would cost between $5 and $7 a month on top of a subscriber’s existing cable bill, and it might include “digital-only spin-off shows” in addition to stuff like The Walking Dead. Also, it’s worth noting that this information comes from “two sources familiar with the situation,” so this is far from being an actual announcement.


That means that if it is real, AMC could still drastically change things about this service before launching it. Still, though, it is a terrible idea and it seems hard to believe that anyone would voluntarily pay extra for a TV channel they already get with their cable package, even if it would let them stream shows without commercials.

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