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AMC knows foodies are a joke, so it’s making a comedy about them

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There’s nothing wrong with being someone who loves to try new and interesting foods, but there might be something wrong with referring to yourself as a “Foodie.” And there’s definitely something wrong with people paying $65 a plate for deconstructed peanut butter sandwiches. Snobby and elitist food nitwits are a joke, is the general bullet point here, and that’s why AMC wants to make a show about them. Deadline reports the cable channel is developing Foodies, a half-hour comedy set in the Los Angeles culinary world.

Written by Duncan Birmingham, the series will follow “a group of obsessive foodies who’ll go to any length to indulge their favorite pastime.” Birmingham was executive producer on the first two seasons of Maron, and has a Black List script set up at Paramount, so he knows from funny. (He also wrote for David Fincher’s ridiculous-sounding and now-defunct HBO comedy series Videosynchrazy, but who knows if that belongs in the plus or minus column.) Besides, people who search out the finest molecular gastronomists in the land to pay outrageous prices for the privilege of letting rosemary-and-pork-infused ice shavings dissolve on their tongue are a pretty easy target.


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