We’ve been hearing vague promises for more than a year now that Vince Gilligan is considering a Breaking Bad spinoff centered on Saul Goodman, and today is no different. Deadline reports that the theoretical series featuring Bob Odenkirk’s slick criminal lawyer is now officially being “eyed,” “explored,” and “mulled”—all of these being words indicating that Gilligan and AMC are considering making the series a reality, even if this consideration is still only “in the nascent stages.” But for those wondering whether the people behind Breaking Bad are still searching for ways to keep the series alive without just keeping the series alive, it seems that yes, Gilligan and writer-producer Peter Gould (whose season two episode first introduced Saul) are currently working on a concept—one that would likely be a comedy, and could even be a half-hour. Think of it like Archie Bunker's Place, except that almost everyone Archie knows died violently.