There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future this year. The movie is returning to theaters. Composer Alan Silvestri is writing new music, which will be played live to accompany the film in select cities. A remake is never going to happen. But if you can’t wait to start celebrating on the official date of October 21st (the most futuristic day to which we’ve ever gone back), AMC is there for you. Coming Soon reports the channel is airing all three installments of the trilogy back-to-back on Sunday, with an encore showing of the original movie right after the third, just to provide that necessary feeling of déjà vu.

Starting at 11 a.m. ET, you can watch Marty McFly suffer the horrifying trauma of acting out an Oedipal complex before helping his parents have sex. Then, with the second installment, travel forward in time to the year 2015, which is like looking out your window for two hours, what with the flying cars and hoverboards. After that, it’s on to the year 1885, when it’s confirmed that Nietzsche was right: Life is nothing but an eternal recurrence, the same universe playing out over and over as we act out our lives ad infinitum. Make sure the kids are watching!