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In a tragic turn of events, AMC's The Killing was found dead this week, murdered in what seemed to be a dispute over low ratings, lukewarm critical reaction, and writing that couldn't live up to its talented cast.

The Killing started out as an eager, wide-eyed immigrant, moving from Denmark to Seattle in search of the American dream—a good education for its kids, a house with a white picket fence, and the widespread critical acclaim that every cable drama grows up dreaming about. But the show fell in with a bad crowd: hard-drinking ad men, meth dealers, even a horde of the undead. Unable to keep up with their dangerous lifestyle and outstanding character development, The Killing went into a downward spiral of bad reviews, middling ratings, and unoriginal plotlines that didn't seem to go anywhere.

Authorities suspect AMC of snuffing out this young, once-promising drama, but without any hard evidence, the search for The Killing's killer promises to stretch out into a season-long investigation, leaving one unanswered question after another and fans of the criminal justice system unsatisfied.


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