After years of original series depicting the struggles of men, as they grapple with the innate need for self-preservation against overwhelming odds, AMC has finally cut out all that existential, intellectual claptrap and just picked up a show about arm wrestling. Titled King Of Arms, the reality series takes place in the “raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling” that exists outside of sports bars and Sylvester Stallone’s Over The Top, apparently, with Deadliest Catch producers Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik telling another story of men testing their physical limits, minus fish. It follows the members of five arm wrestling clubs as they travel America risking their “rent money, reputations and even their relationships” in order to be the nation’s Best Arm Wrestling Guy, which we just assume is the name of the prestigious award they get for all that sacrifice. King Of Arms is set to debut early next year, alongside the second half of season four of The Walking Dead—another show that could maybe benefit from excising all that superfluous plot, and just get down to arm-wrestling some zombies.