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Into The Badlands (Photo: AMC)

AMC’s Badlands are getting even bigger (and, presumably, badder). Deadline reports that the cable network has not only renewed its post-apocalyptic martial arts epic Into The Badlands despite being only halfway through its second season, but that the show’s third will be its biggest outing yet.

Starring Daniel Wu as a sort of badass monk-assassin engaging in wire-fu antics in a world where guns have been outlawed, the series started off with a first season that was only six episodes in length. That was extended for its full-length second season, which wraps up with its tenth episode on May 21. Now, AMC has announced that the show’s third season will be as long as everything that’s come before combined, with 16 episodes of betrayals, ominous magical powers, and what we can only assume will be a sequence of ever-more-improbable kicks on the way.


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