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Recent forays into reality television, talk shows, and half-hour comedy aside, AMC is getting back to what it does best, besides arguing that Bubble Boy counts as a movie “classic”—namely, developing dramas about people doing horrible things to each other to support their selfish interests. Tony and Ridley Scott will executive produce one of these, an as-yet-untitled series from Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead writer Kelly Masterson that concerns diamond trading, that murky industry comprised of a thousand teeny, giggling Cupids who flit among the magical diamond mountains, forever searching for the perfect gems to make the whole world fall in love, and also to fund bloody insurgencies by their violent warlords. Slightly less romantic than a show about diamond mining, AMC is also adapting the bleak British series Low Winter Sun—described as a “modern gothic tale” about corrupt cops who kill one of their own, so at least there won’t be any Killing-style mystery to drag out—and the Indian novel Sacred Games, which explores the connections between politicians, police officers, and gangsters in Mumbai. The latter has, not surprisingly, been described as an Indian version of The Wire, or maybe a funny Outsourced. [via THR]


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