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AMC developing another show where people are killed by monsters, since you like that so much

The record-smashing success of The Walking Dead has suggested to AMC that it would probably do well to look into some other shows where people walk across desolate landscapes while being slowly picked off by horrible things, then spend all of their downtime discussing how much they don’t like it. So the network is developing The Terror, an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel about a Royal Naval crew who find themselves stranded and starving in the Arctic, only to encounter a mythological beast who pops up to kill them whenever things aren’t already shitty enough. Screenwriter David Kajganich—currently also adapting Stephen King’s The Stand for that film Ben Affleck may or may not do—will script and executive produce the series that’s also set in 1847, thus merging AMC’s until-now exclusive loves of period dramas and monster shows.  Now they just need to have the monster selling meth to Eskimos on the side.


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