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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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As A&E continues to corner the market on lummoxes fighting over garbage, AMC is slowly finding its own reality TV niche as a place where nerds argue less menacingly about equally ephemeral things. The network is developing Geek Out to go with Comic Book Men and The Talking Dead, bringing in author Ernest Cline to host its new travel series about rewarding fanboy devotion. Cline is well-versed in that sort of thing, having written the geeked-out novel Ready Player One and the movie Fanboys, the latter of which similarly concerned geeks heading cross-country to do geek stuff. And like Fanboys, the show promises to give “obsessed fans the surprise of a lifetime with a special experience related to their obsession,” such as sending them on an adventure full of comical mishaps to see a movie they love, which turns out to suck and then they die of cancer. Or, maybe they get to meet an actor they like—one of those things.


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