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AMC closes down Lodge 49 after two seasons

David Pasquesi, Brent Jennings, and Wyatt Russell
Photo: Jackson Lee Davis (AMC)

Despite a gloriously empathetic conclusion to an overall excellent second season, Lodge 49 is shuttering its doors. Deadline reports that AMC has opted not to renew the series, which was created by Jim Gavin and Peter Ocko, for a third season. In a statement to Deadline, the network praised the beguiling, anti-capitalist drama (our words, not theirs) and its “fresh and unforgettable characters,” which existed in “a world that did not exist anywhere else on television.” Deadline notes that Lodge 49 was a “modest linear ratings performer,” which averaged 132,000 viewers in every network’s favorite demographic, the 18-49 group, though the number was down season over season.

Looking at those numbers, we suppose we get it. The competition is just getting stiffer out there; look no further than today’s hours-long livestreaming event for HBOMax. Two seasons is more than some shows get, blah blah. But that overly crowded field is precisely why we need shows like Lodge 49—smart, funny, and big-hearted shows that provide a respite from the labored plotting and bleak realities of cable dramas. Shows that understand you can have grounded characters who haven’t been ground into the dirt, who see the world for what it is but also see a way to navigate it that still allows for honesty, integrity, and community. More than most cancellations, this one feels like losing a friend.


One bright spot: Along with executive producer (and star) Paul Giamatti, creators Jim Gavin and Peter Ocko are shopping their show around to other outlets. 

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