Fear The Walking Dead

Having reiterated its desire to keep The Walking Dead and its various fearful and/or chatty spin-off shows running from now until the end of time, AMC is ready to get into the details of when the next phase of its undead reign is expected to start. Speaking today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, AMC announced that Fear The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, April 10, tagging out its parent show, which is expected to finish the eight-episode second half of its bifurcated sixth season the previous week. Fear will be joined for some second-tier flesh-eating shenanigans by a continuing Talking Dead, which will presumably continue in its 10 p.m. Sunday timeslot until the day Chris Hardwick runs out of ways to say, “Zombies are pretty cool.” (That is, presumably, never.)

Potentially surprising itself by remembering that it plays host to non-Walking Dead shows, too, AMC also announced premiere dates for the third season of its Revolutionary War espionage thriller Turn (April 25), as well as its miniseries adaptation of John Le Carré’s The Night Manager (April 19). The former will continue to star Jamie Bell as a sort of 18th Century anti-British James Bond, while the latter will see Tumblr heartthrobs Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston facing off for some Cold War-era cloak and dagger action. As far as we know, neither show features rampaging hordes of the undead at the moment, but you never know when AMC might decide to say “Screw it” and toss a couple in.