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AMC announces Dispatches From Elsewhere, Jason Segel's return to TV

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Jason Segel has spent the four years since How I Met Your Mother ended doing a lot of determinedly interesting things: Playing David Foster Wallace, writing YA novels, even doing the occasional bit of death-based acting. Now, he’s headed back to the small screen in earnest, with AMC announcing today that it’s picked up the first season of a new, Segel-produced anthology series titled Dispatches From Elsewhere.


And while there are a lot of anthology shows out there at the moment, Segel’s has a pretty cool, mysterious premise: “A group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life.” On the surface, it’s a bit prosaic, but we can see a lot of potential in what a guy with Segel’s restless creativity could do with that sort of deeper-than-it-looks world. Also, the project will apparently extend beyond the show itself, presumably with ways for fans of the series to interact with whatever the heck its big, ominous mystery is. The series will start shooting next year.

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