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AMC and ITV's 3-part Quiz to explore infamous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? scandal

Sian Clifford and Matthew Macfadyen in Quiz
Sian Clifford and Matthew Macfadyen in Quiz
Photo: AMC/ITV

And now for something completely British: AMC and ITV have ordered a three-part, Michael Sheen-starring drama from the producers of The Crown that will be directed by Stephen Frears, who also helmed A Very English Scandal. Called Quiz, it explores another very English scandal in its story of Charles Ingram, who was discovered to have cheated his way to stardom on the U.K.’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. “It tells how Ingram, his wife Diana and an accomplice, Tecwen Whittock, who was sitting in the audience, initially pulled off the on-screen heist, before being caught and standing trial,” Deadline reports.

Succession standout Matthew Macfadyen will play Ingram alongside Fleabag star Sian Clifford’s Diana. Sheen will play Millionaire host Chris Tarrant, who was at least better at his job than this guy.

“I was gripped by this story over 15 years ago, and I’m still gripped now,” reads a statement from writer James Graham, who also penned the play upon which the series is based. “It’s a very English heist. Putting it onto stage at Chichester and the West End was such a lot of fun, and with a new team we now get to re-imagine the whole story afresh for television. I have to pay credit to the late investigative journalist Bob Woffinden, who along with James Plaskett wrote the book Bad Show that kicked the whole creative process off by asking the question—what if the Major is innocent?”


We’re looking forward to this one. With Robert Redford’s excellent Quiz Show celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we’re about due for another tale of trivia-fueled shenanigans.

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