AMC and the U.K.’s Channel 4 have announced that they’re renewing science-fiction drama Humans for a second season. The series, which airs its season one finale on Sunday in the U.K., is a joint production between the two networks.

For those of you who haven’t been tracking AMC’s slow transition into the all-zombies, all-robots, all-the-time network, Humans takes place in a world much like our own, save for the development of lifelike humanoid androids called synths. In the world of the show, people use synths for all sorts of reasons: household servants, physical therapists, and also to have sex with, because that is the true end goal of all technology. Complications arise when synths with human-like consciousnesses begin emerging, taking all the fun out of people humping their dead-eyed robo girlfriends (or receiving massages and stretching exercises to help recover from a traumatic injury, if that’s where their needs/fetishes lie).


The show stars a wide ensemble of actors, including Gemma Chan, Colin Morgan, and Emily Berrington as sentient murder-bot Niska. Now most of the way through its first season, Humans has earned decent ratings and reviews for its sometimes-thoughtful look at the moral complexities and questions of various subjects, including the nature of human consciousness, our relationship with the objects and gadgets in our lives, and the ethics of doing sex stuff with robots.